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Questions for Lenders to Consideration When Navigating Renovation Lending Waters

These topics help a lender determine the best course of action to take their renovation lending desires from a basic program to an advanced platform built on efficiency and using proven business principals known for being best in class. Below... Continue Reading →

Loan Opportunities to Combat Housing Inventory Shortages!

As I travel around this country training my clients on Renovation Lending, I am consistently hearing issues with shortages in housing inventory. It is hard to go a day without seeing another article pointing out inventory shortages in some part of the... Continue Reading →

Low Housing Inventory Creates Great Refinance Market…for Renovation Loans!

Historically, in my career within renovation lending and the mortgage industry, renovation loans have been predominantly a purchase product. Not that it has been marketed as a purchase only product, but many fall victim to using the programs only when homes... Continue Reading →

Market homes to sell…not list

In the 20 plus years I have been in the mortgage business and specializing in Renovation Lending, I have always promoted the technique of marketing homes with a renovation plan. Real Estate professionals can take the deficiencies of the homes... Continue Reading →

Mortgage Interest Rates Going Up…unless they don’t!

A few years back my crystal ball cracked and my ability to predict where mortgage rates may be headed cracked with it! No one really knows where interest rates may be headed. While everyone has their opinion, very few may... Continue Reading →

Homeownership, Millennials, Renovation, Technology; The future is coming…is here!

I just read an interesting article in the Scotsman’s Guide Magazine about homeownership increasing for Millennials. Information provided by the National Association of Realtors stated “the share of home purchases by first-time homebuyers rose to 35 percent this year, up... Continue Reading →

Details on the virtual reality experience and where to get the designs

When combined with a renovation loan, Virtual Reality design rooms, presented on-site, can help sell homes faster and more efficiently. Step into the new (virtual) reality of real estate sales to increase sales production.

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